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How a proper voting system should work

How a proper voting system should work

President Abraham Lincoln’s phrase in the Gettysburg Adress “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, is what a democracy is all about. Unfortunately politics, policies and personal preferences have turned a simple electoral system into a complicated mess. Electoral systems around the world employ various different calculations to determine winners and qualifiers. […]

How to Start a Petition

How to Start a Petition

Everyone feels passionate about something or other in their life at some point. Taking action sometimes requires petitioning. Here are some simple tips on how to go about the process of starting a petition. • First of all put the issue into words. This will be your opening statement in the petition. Don’t worry if […]

How to Organize a Protest

How to Organize a Protest

f you care about something deeply enough you will feel compelled to do something about it. But sometimes your cause will require action that is a little more aggressive than usual. This does not mean that you have to resort to violence; instead, it means that you should find a more visible way of making […]

How to Prepare for Government Protest Crackdowns

How to Prepare for Government Protest Crackdowns

An insecure or corrupt government will never let dissent go without punishment. If you are organizing a protest against such a government you must be prepared for consequences. The protest can be a peaceful sit in, a march to a significant place or even a violent measure (although this should not be a consideration). Whatever […]

Tax Tidbits

Financial transactions that lack ‘economic substance’ is classified as purchases of ‘distressed assets or debts’. In layman’s terms, these are financial undertakings in holdings that are not expected to generate any substantial revenue and profits; the reason why some individuals and entities still acquire such holdings is that they provide ‘tax breaks’ or ‘tax deductions’ […]

How to Find the Best Will Lawyers

When searching for will lawyers be sure to ask as many questions as possible to ensure you find the right attorney that exactly matches what you need. You should ask questions to the attorney where the answers match your personality. A match between an attorney and their client is extremely important especially in the case […]

The Tax Process

Tax is the lifeblood of the government it funds the various operations of it such as law enforcement. These funds are collected from the corporations, the companies as well as each and every consumer living in the state. As simple as it may sound the process of paying for taxes and all its complexities aren’t […]

Offshore Declaration Made Easy

You have finally made it big; your investments are maturing, if not already matured. You now own your own empire of business around the country, and are readily expanding to other borders as you enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have made it, and now, you have every credential to prove it. You no […]

What Do Probate Lawyers Do And How Can It Help You

Probate lawyers are not the most well-known types of lawyers in the world.  We typically hear about trial lawyers, tax lawyers, and so on, but not so much on that other kind mentioned above.  These types of lawyers though have very important jobs, and can really help a family deal with the loss of a […]

A group of clerics in Iran has called Iran’s presidential vote invalid

A group of clerics in Iran has called Iran’s presidential vote invalid, contradicting official results. On Saturday, former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that post-election events had caused bitterness. An influential group of religious scholars seen as politically neutral during the presidential election called the country’s highest election arbiter, the Guardian Council, biased,... [Read more]

Iran to put British Embassy staff on Trial

Iran has arrestest British Embassy staff and is going to put them on trial for fomenting postelection turmoil. The announcement fueled calls in Europe for tougher action against Iran. Britain is pressing for members of the European Union to pull their ambassadors out of Tehran to protest the staffers’ arrests last week. After quashing the street demonstrations, Iran’s leadership has been... [Read more]