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Egypt Shut Downs Internet

January 29, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Yesterday the government of Egypt shut down the whole internet and mobile access in their country in order to stop protesters that have been flooding the streets in ant-governments protests. Apparently at 12:34pm yesterday Egypt time all 4 major internet providers went down in Egypt. No one ever thought a government would ever do this, but here it is..it has happened. Last year during the Iran protests, the Iranian government tried to filter the internet for their country by blocking access to Facebook, Twitter and some social media sites and that was the closest it got to an internet shutdown.

The scale of Egypt’s crackdown is unprecedented in the history of the web. President Barack Obama condemned the moves by Egyptian government to stop activists using cellphones and cyber technology to organize rallies.

According to experts 97% of internet traffic in Egypt was shut down. The shutdown in Egypt is the most comprehensive official electronic blackout of its kind, experts said.

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