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Republicans don’t want women earning as much as men!

January 29, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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Apparently Republicans don’t want women to earn as much as men working the same job. Apparently the Republicans have a problem with women? Any chance the democrats are spreading out this rhetoric in advance of a Hillary Clinton run? I mean Hillary will surely get a huge chunk of the female vote and many of those votes will be just because she is a woman – which scares me. Let’s vote for the best candidate and maybe that’s Hillary and maybe it’s not. But, the democrats have good reason to make every woman believe Republicans don’t stand up for women. Women represent more than 50% of the population. Hillary will win by a landslide if this sort of propaganda is believed.

Women earn 77 cents on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. Do you really believe that only Republicans own businesses? And that it’s Republicans that creates that? This is a phenomenon that crosses both parties when It comes to employment. I don’t even consider myself a Republican. I just have a problem with phony politics.

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