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Kill Switch on Hold for Gulf Oil Well

August 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Environmentalists will be disappointed with the news today regarding the destructive Gulf of Mexico oil well. The final “kill” plan that was supposed to completely seal of the well has been put on hold due to certain concerns that have arisen.

Since its explosion in April, the well has cause massive economic and environmental issues for the U.S. and Gulf coast residents. BP, the owner of the rig, has been battling to shut down the well and provide relief to the residents at the same time. Last month a temporary sealing cap was installed and since then no oil has leaked through. The final phase of permanently sealing the well by using the cap was to have begun by this time.

The plan for the “kill” switch was to drill an intercept well; this would then be used to pump “mud” (a heavy drilling fluid) and cement in-between the layers of the temporary cap. The result was expected to be a permanent fix to the leaking well. However, suspicions have arisen as to whether oil coul have leaked into the space where the mud and cement were supposed to go. If this is so, then pumping the mix in with the oil could not only fail to set a permanent cap, it could also cause a high pressure zone which would then break the cap and bring everything back to square one.

A study is now underway to determine if there is any oil trapped within the cap and also to determine what course of action should be taken if it is found to be so.

Obama to Mosque Builders – “Yes you can”

August 17, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

There seems to be nothing President Barack Obama can do to stop controversy following him. The latest issue seems to be his support for a mosque to be built. This sounds rather innocent and innocuous enough doesn’t it? Now add the fact that the location is in New York and two blocks away from Ground Zero and the picture becomes clearer.

Obama is acting from the viewpoint of the First Amendment which protects freedom of religion. But almost everyone else seems to be acting from an emotional point of view with very little rationality. Although the bombing of the WTC was conducted by Islamist extremists, the religion in itself cannot be blamed for the actions and interpretations of some men. As a result, penalizing peaceful followers of the faith is unfair.

However, the Republicans and some Democrats don’t seem to see it that way. The GOP claims that Obama is out of touch with Americans and the dissident Democrats say that the President is causing confusion at a crucial time. Both parties seem to overlook the fact that two mosques have been located in the vicinity of Ground Zero for decades. On mosque is 12 blocks away and the other is only 4 blocks away.

But there are voices of reason, like New York congressman Jerrold Nadler. The congressman stated that it was absurd to ask the government to rule on whether or not there should be a mosque near Ground Zero because it was none of their business.

Resources For Single Moms Going Back To School

August 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Being a single mom is socially and financially quite difficult. Lack of proper education and training in such single mothers can be all the more frustrating and considering that the financial resources are also constrained, such women may find it difficult to pay for their studies. But with little help from the government in the form of grants and scholarships, the number of single moms going back to school again is slowly improving. This is a good trend, and such mothers can look forward to better jobs and improvement in their financial status by getting themselves trained in some particular course.

Going back to school again need not be taken in the literal meaning. Attending a brick and mortar class room is difficult for many adults owing to a variety of reasons. Taking an online course is the best alternative to such problems, and the internet can be of real assistance in such folks, who want to pursue their education within the confines of their homes. A myriad of courses are available online now. Cookery, computers, nursing etc are some of the examples of the courses being conducted online.

Having a nursing degree is a resourceful option. Nursing jobs are in high demand and can pay well too. Going back to school for nursing courses should certainly be considered as a viable option for single moms or for any adult woman in general. Getting a well paying job as a nurse will be much easier for people who possess the certification.