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Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Yes or No?

June 14, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Article Submitted by Los Angeles Dispensaries

Although humans have been using it for thousands of years, marijuana is an illegal drug in many countries. However, a growing movement to legalize cannabis for medical purposes has made it available in 16 states and the District of Columbia. Today, if you have a prescription from your doctor, you can visit one of many Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to purchase the drug as treatment for a variety of illnesses ranging from cancer to migraines. But people are still debating whether it should be legal.

Proponents of legalizing weed say that it offers a wealth of therapeutic benefits for people with terminal or debilitating illnesses. Studies have shown that marijuana is an effective pain killer, especially of pain from never damage. It is an appetite stimulant, and has been shown to eliminate nausea, especially for people suffering from cancer or AIDS.

Those who say pot should be legal argue that the drug is safer than alcohol or tobacco not only to individuals but also society. They say that legalizing it will make communities safer by regulating the drug and keeping it away from the younger generation. Proponents of legalizing marijuana also say that banning it will simply fail, similar to the Prohibition with alcohol.

Critics of legalizing marijuana say the drug does not have medicinal benefits, especially nothing that isn’t available through existing or safer drugs. They also say that if legalized, it will give the wrong idea to teenagers who might be more willing to try the drug if they believe it is safe to use.

Resources For Single Moms Going Back To School

August 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Being a single mom is socially and financially quite difficult. Lack of proper education and training in such single mothers can be all the more frustrating and considering that the financial resources are also constrained, such women may find it difficult to pay for their studies. But with little help from the government in the form of grants and scholarships, the number of single moms going back to school again is slowly improving. This is a good trend, and such mothers can look forward to better jobs and improvement in their financial status by getting themselves trained in some particular course.

Going back to school again need not be taken in the literal meaning. Attending a brick and mortar class room is difficult for many adults owing to a variety of reasons. Taking an online course is the best alternative to such problems, and the internet can be of real assistance in such folks, who want to pursue their education within the confines of their homes. A myriad of courses are available online now. Cookery, computers, nursing etc are some of the examples of the courses being conducted online.

Having a nursing degree is a resourceful option. Nursing jobs are in high demand and can pay well too. Going back to school for nursing courses should certainly be considered as a viable option for single moms or for any adult woman in general. Getting a well paying job as a nurse will be much easier for people who possess the certification.

Grants for going back to school

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If one is either not finding the time or money to go back to school to earn an all-important degree that they have been wanting for a while now, it will be heartening to know that grants for going back to school are now being offered by several online universities.

And this just does not pertain to adults who have reached full circle in their lives at 30, and want to do something new but also has resulted in several cases of folks going back to school at 50. The beauty of it all is that studying at an online university as opposed to a traditional university is that it allows adults at whichever age to study at their own pace, and a course of their choosing as well without having to leave their responsibilities.

Not only are aged men interested in going back to school but there are several instances of older women going back to school as well, and why not, as there may have been some desires related to education that might have been crushed under the weight of taking care of their husband and children and so on and so forth.

One way or another, one should thank the medium of the internet and for all the benefits that it offers us apart from just entertainment.

Teen military school rumors

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Military schools seem like scary places because many people are misinformed about them. As with any misinformation, rumors and myths abound about every Teen military school in America. Here are some of them and the truth as well.

  • Going to a military school results in only a military career. Wrong – While it gives you a footing towards a military career (which normal schools don’t), the whole curriculum is focused on producing good academics. Most students go on for further education in Universities and not the military.
  • Military schools don’t take girls. Wrong – Not only do they take girls, their numbers are growing every year. In fact military schools for girls are considered a better option psychologically to combat the peer pressure they are subjected to in normal schools.
  • Military boarding schools are like prisons. Wrong – Students are given a fair amount of freedom where they are encouraged to visit nearby towns and have their families visit them. They are also encouraged to maintain regular contact with family and friends via email, ground mail and telephone.
  • Military schools guarantee a place in the military. This is not entirely wrong. Military school students are looked at in a favorable manner by recruiters but that is the extent of it. A large number of students are rejected regularly, which in turn debunks this theory somewhat.
  • Military schools are the best solution for delinquents. Wrong – Applicants with behavioral or serious health issues are more often than not rejected. While the disciplining is strict, it is not draconian and is designed to better shape and individuals life.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools 101

October 12, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Parents of troubled teens have a difficult time deciding whether it is the right solution to send their children to boarding school. With so many American boarding schools available across the country, conducting research to select the best school can be very overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when researching boarding schools for your troubled teen.

The most important factor to consider when making such an important decision is whether the particular boarding school offers a customized program for your child, rather than a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Consider therapeutic boarding schools over traditional boarding schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools are beneficial for troubled teens who require both clinical support and a healthy environment where they can make positive and permanent changes. While the idea of a traditional boarding school many not sound like a place where your child could receive tailored relationship-based treatment, therapeutic boarding schools are designed to do just that.

When it comes to helping your troubled teen, therapeutic boarding schools typically reject harsh approaches such as the behavior-modification model, which can be abusive and unsuccessful. In fact, a great deal of research suggests that one of the most effective ways to inspire hope and motivate change is the relationship troubled girls or boys at boarding schools have with their therapists. When researching various boarding schools, make sure to select a school that offers relationship-based treatment.