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How to Prepare for Government Protest Crackdowns

May 22, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

An insecure or corrupt government will never let dissent go without punishment. If you are organizing a protest against such a government you must be prepared for consequences.

The protest can be a peaceful sit in, a march to a significant place or even a violent measure (although this should not be a consideration). Whatever happens, you can expect an aggressive reply from the government. If this happens you should know what to expect and what to do about it.

Water cannons are a big favorite to disperse crowds. The force from these cannons is quite devastating and can knock a person of their feet. At this point they can be slammed against other hard objects and be injured. Make sure you have medical personnel on standby to help them or to take them to a hospital.
Tear gas is another method of crowd dispersal and quite an effective one. To counter this you need motorcycle helmets or some sort of face protector. If everyone is unable to bring one, tell them to bring plenty of water and a spare towel or t-shirt. Soak the cloth in water and wrap it around your head to avoid breathing in the fumes.

To counter any human rights violations, place several people with video cameras and digital cameras in strategic locations. Get them to record everything that goes in the protest when the crackdown starts. This way, any dirty tactics that were used can be highlighted and contested in a court of law.

Teen military school rumors

May 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Military schools seem like scary places because many people are misinformed about them. As with any misinformation, rumors and myths abound about every Teen military school in America. Here are some of them and the truth as well.

  • Going to a military school results in only a military career. Wrong – While it gives you a footing towards a military career (which normal schools don’t), the whole curriculum is focused on producing good academics. Most students go on for further education in Universities and not the military.
  • Military schools don’t take girls. Wrong – Not only do they take girls, their numbers are growing every year. In fact military schools for girls are considered a better option psychologically to combat the peer pressure they are subjected to in normal schools.
  • Military boarding schools are like prisons. Wrong – Students are given a fair amount of freedom where they are encouraged to visit nearby towns and have their families visit them. They are also encouraged to maintain regular contact with family and friends via email, ground mail and telephone.
  • Military schools guarantee a place in the military. This is not entirely wrong. Military school students are looked at in a favorable manner by recruiters but that is the extent of it. A large number of students are rejected regularly, which in turn debunks this theory somewhat.
  • Military schools are the best solution for delinquents. Wrong – Applicants with behavioral or serious health issues are more often than not rejected. While the disciplining is strict, it is not draconian and is designed to better shape and individuals life.